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EnergyFlo has made a commitment to provide a complete frac package to our customers. Our team handles everything from blending chemicals to delivering to the frac site. EnergyFlo supplies every chemical associated with frac jobs. After an initial survey, we recommend chemicals that are custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Complete frac package includes

  • 24/7 logistics team
  • Our own fleet of trucks
    • EnergyFlo does not rely on third-party trucking due to untimely response to delivery requests
  • Delivery requests responded to within 15 minutes and no later than one hour
  • Periodic e-mails to remind crews that tank levels are getting low
  • Weight tickets sent to crews within 12 hours of delivery
  • End of job summaries are sent after completion of each job
  • Dedicated ISOs to eliminate chemical contamination
  • EnergyFlo provides telemetry/oilfield modified ISOs for each location

  • Friction Reducers
  • Biocides
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Flowback aides/Surfactants
  • Clay Stabilizers
  • Dry Powder Friction Reducers – with pumping capabilities
  • Dry Nano Surfactants
  • Dry Traditional Flowback Aides