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Lab Capabilities

Houston Laboratory

We offer a variety of lab services in order to offer you the best service and treatment solutions possible. In addition to onsite field testing, EnergyFlo has a fully equipped technical services division and research laboratory.  Furthermore, we have laboratories located in the regions that we serve in order to offer as fast as possible turnaround times, the best service and the best treatment solutions possible.

Our laboratory services include

  • Amine Residual (Water Soluble)
  • API Gravity
  • API Serial Dilution Determination (SRB, APB)
  • ATP-Adenosine TriPhosphate
  • Bubble Test
  • Chlorides
  • Cloud Point or WAT
  • Cold Finger Test
  • Comprehensive Water Analysis, ICP-MS
  • Coupon Evaluation
  • Carbon Chain Distribution, GC-MS
  • Deposit or Solids Analysis
  • Dispersant Testing
  • Emulsification Testing
  • Foamer Testing
  • Foaming Tendencies
  • Flash Point
  • Flow Loop
  • Iron Count
  • Kill Time Study
  • Manganese Count
  • Microscopic Examination
  • MICkit 5 series
  • Millipore Evaluation
  • New Product Development
  • Oil and Grease, IR
  • Oxygen Determination (Field)
  • Particle Sizing
  • Phosphate Residual
  • Pipeline Flow Regime – Modeling
  • Pour Point
  • Product Compatibility Testing
  • Roll Ball Solvency
  • Rotating Cylinder Electrode, RCE
  • Specific Gravity
  • Thermal Stability
  • Triazine Test
  • Viscosity
  • % CO2 and H2S (Field Dragger Tubes)