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Midstream Chemicals

EnergyFlo Chemical Applications, LLC has a vast array of innovative chemicals along with professional midstream services to assist onshore and offshore customers in safely mitigating corrosion and ensuring integrity in their gathering systems, pipelines and associated facilities.  Our qualified technical staff with 40+ years of experience in the industry will sit down with you to help develop the right effective and economical chemical program, in compliance with Federal and State regulations, to meet your needs.

We offer a wide variety of pipeline chemistries and technical services including:


  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Biocides and Bacteriostats
  • H2S and Oxygen Scavengers
  • Pipeline Cleaners and Black Powder Surfactants
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Drag Reducers
  • Hydrate Inhibitors
  • Hydrostatic Test Water Chemicals